Hackett, Beecher & Hart was established by a group of well-known trial lawyers who left important positions in government and private practice. They came together to form a smaller firm of lawyers with strong litigation and trial skills, but without the high costs and less personal relationships that seem to be inevitable in large firms.


    We aggressively represent individuals as well as local and national businesses in a broad range of complex litigation. Because of our success, we are regularly retained by other lawyers to assist them with their cases, and by major insurance companies – two well informed groups that insist on prompt, top quality legal work at the most reasonable cost.


   The size of our firm and the skill of our lawyers enables us to provide personal, efficient legal representation while providing the strength and experience normally claimed by large firms.

About the firm

In the blink of an eye, life can throw you a curve ball.  An insurance policy can be suddenly transformed from "theoretically important" stack of paper into the most important document you have, as you submit a claim to your insurer.   When that happens, the contents of the policy become astonishingly critical - yet often quite difficult to understand.  Imagine someone sues you and your finances are in the balance.  What if your insurer tells you there’s no coverage for your loss?


First, don’t take their word for it.  Your policy may be broader than the claims representative, or even your own agent suggests it is.  That’s where we come in.  With extensive experience representing both insureds and insurers, we are intimately familiar with the industry, the policies, and the laws that tightly govern insurance companies.  We have the experience to make sure your business -or you personally- get every benefit under the policy you’ve been paying for.


So, whether you’re making a claim or looking for a review of your insurance policies to ensure you have the coverage you think you do, give us call.  Insurance policies don’t cover everything; but they may cover more than you think.

Insurance Coverage

If a dispute requires a lawsuit, the party with the better lawyer has an edge.

A lawsuit is a competitive struggle directed by trained and licensed professionals. Most lawyers have little experience in actually presenting their cases in Court. The evidence and legal theories must be fully developed and forcefully presented to obtain the best possible settlement or verdict. The party with an experienced Courtroom advocate has the advantage in shaping the outcome of a lawsuit, whether by settlement or trial.


First and foremost, Hackett Beecher & Hart is a litigation firm. We relish our Courtroom battles and victories. We go to Court for clients that include large and small businesses, financial institutions and individuals in State and Federal Trial and Appellate Courts throughout Washington.


Our clients benefit from the leverage they gain from our extensive Courtroom experience and reputation for success.

Civil Litigation